Spin Racers

Mobile Game Characters

Improvised existing vector character designs and designing with illustrating new characters. Also created costumes for characters.

Spin Racers

Mobile Game Assets

Designed and illustrated vector assets for game, including improvising existing assets.

Spin Racers

Mobile Game Backdrops

Designed and improvised vector backdrops for game, including run tests to assure clear visual direction for players.

SEA Games

Mini Game Assets & Backdrops

Designed and illustrated assets and backdrops for mini game.

Animation Demo Reels

2D Animation

Compiled samples of 2D animation.

3D Animation

Compiled samples of 3D animation.

Animated Work Samples

Personal Animations

Little animated works done in personal time and hobbies.

Cartoon Series

Pants Bear Cartoon

Worked with Pants Bear Studio in Industria Sdn Bhd.

Foo Tze Wei - Jennifer

Illustrator, Concept Designer, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Comic Artist, Writer

A fellow cartoonist who enjoys concepting creative ideas. A straightforward team player who presents upmost quality of works.


Multimedia University

  • 2013 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree of Animation, Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects.

Self-Taught Illustrator, Comic Artist, Animator & Writer

  • 2003 - NOW

Evolved with many illustration styles throughout the years and side studying animation. Writing skills are developed through script studies, writing comic entries for competitions and role-playing.


Freelance Artist & Animator

  • 2014 - NOW

Freelanced for work contracts and commissions in illustrating, designing, and animation. Covered for huge varieties of medias such as cartoon works, comics, character designs, novel visuals, game art, motivation media, medical books, stickers and etc.

2D Animator for Pants Bear with Side Jobs as Illustrator, Designer, & Video Editor

  • 2020 - NOW

Worked on mainly Pants Bear cartoon under hire by Industria Sdn Bhd. Occassionally helped with other accounts such as creating media postings for Volkswagen Malaysia. Experienced in directing and leading turn-based team projects for episodes and other works.

2D Animator for Courage the Cowardly Dog 'Freaky Fred' Collaboration Project

  • 2019

Participated in a big group collaboration project to reanimate the episode 'Freaky Fred' from the cartoon 'Courage the Cowardly Dog'.

3D Animator for Dr. Panda Series

  • 2018

Interned as a 3D Animator at Giggle Garage Studios and helped to work on Dr Panda Series.

Host & Judge of Comic Competition Wizard Palooza OCT

  • 2017 - 2018

Held and judged a comic marathon competition on Deviantart for the comic hobbyist community.

Game Artist for Spin Racers

  • 2017

Worked part-time as a vector game artist for Spin Racers mobile game at 27Rabbits Studio.

Commissions [CLOSED]

How It Works

  • Only take USD payments via Paypal while local Malaysians have the option to do bank transfer in RM.

  • To inform me of purchases, you can email me, note me on DeviantART or message me on Twitter.

  • Please use and fill this form when informing me about your purchase.

  • ...

  • After confirming your commission, I will later send over a rough sketch as a sample.

  • When you are satisfied with the direction idea of the commission, you will need to send full payment to proceed to full render stage.

  • IMPORTANT: Once you confirmed the sketch, there will not be no more major changes.

  • After I shared confirmation that the payment went through, I shall get started on the commission and send you the picture when it is complete.

+BG / Backgrounds 
Flat or GradientFREE
Simple Setting$15 - $30
Detailed Setting$50 - $80
3 Panels$20
5 Panels$40
10 Panels$80


Freestyle sketches.


Sketch Colored

Sketches filled with colors.


Lineart Flat

Sketches filled with colors.


Lineart Colored

Sketches filled with colors.



Sketches filled with colors.